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Camper Carts

Camper Cart Information:

- Camper Carts must be paid in full at time of booking. Rate $65(4 seat) $90(6 seat) per day + HST.
- Cancellations must be made at least 24hrs in advance or 1 day rental fee will be assessed.
- Carts will be made available starting at 1PM on the date of rental and must be returned by 11AM on the date of check-out.

- Changes to reservations must be made prior to 11AM. To make changes please visit or call the reservation office at 877 734-2267.
- We cannot guarantee rentals due to unforeseen mechanical issues. 
- Cart number will be assigned at time of check-in.
- Only person(s) listed on lease agreement may drive Camper Cart. 19+ w/valid license.

- Must be a registered camper to rent.
- Children may not “assist” in driving in any way.
- No alcohol or smoking on carts.
- Drive on marked park roads only. DO NOT drive on public roads, off-road or through sites.  
- Do not attach or pull anything with a cart.
- Carts must park in designated parking areas or on your site with the key removed. If parked in a non-designated area the cart may be moved by management.
- Beach parking only in the roped area by Washroom #6 and parking lot by Washroom #3.
- No more riders than can be safely seated. Max 4 adults. Weight 800lbs.
- Always plug in the cart when not in use. No refunds issued for dead batteries resulting from improper charging.
- Cart must be back on site and plugged in by 11PM.
- Renter is responsible for all damages and liabilities.
- Late return fee $25/hr. Lost key charge $15. Lost power cord $40.
Violation of these rules or lease agreement will result in loss of cart without refund. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

Click HERE to print Camper Cart lease agreement. 

For a faster check-in, please bring completed agreement with you.

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