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Conservation Efforts

We make it our duty to be as environmentally friendly as possible at
Twin Shores. Some of our efforts include...
  • ​​Metered showers
  • Waterless urinals/low flow toilets
  • Green cleaning products
  • LED & CFL light bulbs
  • HE energy star washing machines
  • Recycling Centre 
  • Camper vegetable garden
  • 100% compostable paper products
  • Electric utility vehicles

We Are Green!

Protecting PEI's Natural Environment

PEI’s landscape is a bustling habitat for many different plant & animal species. At Twin Shores we are proud to have an undeveloped conservation area on-site home to some of these precious Island treasures​
  • Piping Plover, endangered shore bird
  • Bobolink, threatened farmland bird
  • Barn Swallow, threatened bird
  • North Shore sand dunes
These bird species may be found in or near the grassy-covered dunes at the Proffit’s Point Beach.
We ask that you respect this natural habitat which serves as a refuge and breeding area.  
Piping Plover

The Piping Plover       

Twin Shores is very fortunate to have some of the only remaining Piping Plovers left on PEI. The Piping Plover is a small shore bird that may be found on our 

Profitt's Point beach. These rare little birds are extremely sensitive to any disturbances during their

breeding season, which is May to July.

Piping Plover nests are small depression in the sand

lined by a few shells and small pebbles. They are very difficult to see even when looking for them.

If disturbed, the nesting Plover will leave the nest which often results in a loss of eggs.  

People who encounter a nest should carefully walk towards the water, leaving the nesting area immediately. 

Visit the Island Nature Trust website at for more information.

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