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Seasonal Camping

Let us be your home away from home all summer long!
June 1 - October 1

Seasonal Rules & Regulations
Seasonal Payment Plan Form
2022/23 Storage Application


APRIL 2023: After careful consideration, due to increasing incidents of verbal abuse to our staff, we have decided we can no longer provide deck moving day as a free service. The negative impact and demand on our staff has become too much. Seasonal campers will still have the opportunity to move their decks with our equipment & staff assistance by appointment, for the regular fee of $50.00 beginning May 15th until June 1st. Appointments will be available Monday - Friday from 8am - 3pm, based on availability. To request to book, please send an email to with the date and time you're looking for along with both your old and new site numbers.

Campers will be required to take apart and stack the deck themselves for moving. If we bring equipment to your site at the agreed time to move the deck and it is not ready OR the move cannot be fully completed within 20 minutes of arrival additional fees could apply.

Seasonals should re-familiarize themselves with the current deck building requirements. These can be found in the seasonal rules and regulations on our website. If the deck does not fall within our requirements and is exceptionally difficult to move as a result we may be unable to assist you.

For those campers who wish to move their deck themselves or would like to come into the park to clean up their site and prepare for the upcoming season, the park will be open to do so on Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 28th. There will be no staff assistance available on these dates.

Twin Shores has a zero tolerance policy for abuse to our staff.


We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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